WhereNet Corp. has announced that the Port of Oakland is supporting the implementation of an RFID truck tagging system at one its busiest marine terminals. The Port has purchased 1,700 WhereNet active RFID transmitters and is contracting with WhereNet and eModal to distribute the tags to trucking companies that operate in the Oakland International Container Terminal (OICT).

WhereNet has completed the installation of RFID readers at OICT. According to the RFID solutions provider, drivers are already voluntarily installing the tags to their truck cabs. The RFID tags are one components of an elaborate identification system that ensures that only authorize vehicles enter the terminal. A network of antennas picks up data transmitted by the tags, which is then cross-referenced with the eModal trucking database.

WhereNet said that a recent Dept. of Homeland Security decision to award increased grant funding to help secure California ports this year should boost the Port initiative.