Cheetah Software Systems, Inc., a cloud-based transportation logistics solutions provider, has added a new tool, called the Cheetah Operations Simulator, “for analyzing the impact of operational changes, monitoring performance, and identifying opportunities to dramatically increase operational performance.” The simulator is available immediately to all Cheetah customers.

According to Cheetah, the simulator works by comparing historical data against simulated data within the Cheetah system, allowing customers to evaluate complex “what if” scenarios to answer questions such as:

- Is more or less equipment required for optimal performance?

- Can the operation profitably handle more orders with current assets?

- Should the terminal network be expanded or consolidated?

Some of the features of the Cheetah Operations Simulator include:

- Uses production data to rerun a day’s work

- Runs at “hyperspeed” – rerun a 15-hour production day in one hour

- Simulate driver communications activities

- Create a route analysis spreadsheet comparing actual vs. simulated results

“The Cheetah Operations Simulator helps our customers make intelligent decisions about how their operations are running and where improvements can be made,” said Bobby Darroll, Cheetah’s president and CEO. “Cheetah customers can run through scenarios representing days of operations in a few hours, allowing them to identify ways to improve their efficiency, productivity, and ultimately their profitability.”