Onboard computing provider PeopleNet is forging several partnerships to provide fleets with speed monitoring capability and insurance benefits as well.

The company recently signed an exclusive alert and daily summary enhancement deal for its “speed monitoring” service via a partnership with SpeedGauge – offering fleets a near real-time email that is sent when a driver triggers a speeding event.

For maximum operating flexibility, alerts and reports are highly configurable in terms of establishing notification and reporting thresholds, noted PeopleNet COO Brian McLaughlin, allowing fleets to determine how far over the speed limit a vehicle is traveling before an alert is sent and noted on a report.

PoepleNet is also partnering with Brazos Specialty Risk, Inc. and SpeedGauge to give PeopleNet electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) customers that subscribe to its “speed monitoring” service a 5% to 10% insurance discount on pay-per-mile auto liability insurance premiums.

The program is available for fleets with 15 or more power units that have EOBRs installed in the entire fleet. Monthly premiums are based on actual miles driven as reported by PeopleNet’s GPS system.

“By offering this discount, Brazos recognizes that near real-time access to speeding events and other driver behaviors are keys to minimizing safety risks,” explained PeopleNet’s head of safety, security and compliance Jim Angel, who developed this new program.

“Such information is essential for making drivers aware of, and changing, behaviors that undermine safety,” he added. “The program with Brazos Specialty Risk and SpeedGauge recognizes the power that EOBRs combined with ‘speed monitoring’ have to improve safety. With theFederal Motor Carriers Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) EOBR Mandate 395.16 under review, the discount gives fleets another reason to consider staying ahead of the curve.”

“We wanted to reward fleets that have taken steps to reduce their safety risk,” noted Dwight Dowell, Brazos’ specialty risk business development director.

“Our statistics show significant safety-, maintenance-, and fuel-related cost benefits for fleets equipped with EOBRs and speed monitoring capability,” he added. Dowell pointed out there was a 70% to 80% reduction in accidents; an 86% reduction in speeding; an 89% reduction in aggressive driving; a 4% improvement in fuel economy; and a 3% to 5% reduction in maintenance expenses.