While thousands of truck drivers and carriers take advantage of PrePass’ weigh-station bypass services every day, the company is now taking those services a step further with the addition of a fleet management suite of products.

Currently, PrePass users may bypass weigh stations with the use of an in-cab transponder, saving idling time and fuel consumption while still complying with all weight, safety and credential requirements. Now, with the addition of the new suite of solutions, carriers can realize additional time and money savings.

“PrePass is one of the top driver benefits according to truck driver surveys,” said Richard P. Landis, president & CEO. “We anticipate our new suite of services will be equally as important to industry cost-savings and efficiency, while also delivering solid safety and air quality benefits to government and the motoring public.”

The three products, Ground Traffic Control, eLogs, and Gates, offer safety and efficiency at twelve points in a driver’s day, including pre- and post-trip periods, Landis said.

Ground Traffic Control (GTC), powered by Zonar, is a web-based data management application for the inspection, tracking and management of fleet operations. It uses four distinct components for a total solution.

Electronic vehicle inspection reports ensure pre- and post-trip inspection compliance, eliminating the need for paperwork. The V2 High-Definition GPS system uses a higher sample rate, in four dimensions (latitude, longitude, time and odometer), at every point to offer more effective tracking and managing of assets.

In addition, the GTC will add a V2J High-Definition GPS/JBus system that adds real-time transmission of vehicle subsystem data, driver performance data and spatially encoded event information. And finally, the Ground Traffic Control operation will bring everything together to create real-time visibility with ease of control for fleet managers.

The eLogs service provides log scanning and auditing that generates custom, data-rich reports with a variety of filter options. Users can also schedule customized reports, which will be stored for up to six months, and have them emailed at regular intervals.

Additional features include creating and editing checkpoints; creating and editing violation types and descriptions; formatting and editing content of notification letters; auto-sending notification letters; adding and editing employee information with ease; and flagging and tracking risky drivers.

PrePass Gates is a fully integrated gate control access and management system to allow drivers to enter and exit terminals using the same transponder used to bypass PrePass weigh stations.