San Diego-based Qualcomm Inc. announced the commercial availability of its OmniVision System for Transportation, which is on display at ATA’s annual management conference.

See OmniVision ready to roll

According to Qualcomm, the next-generation wireless system for the transportation and logistics industry, which is based on the all-new OmniVision mobile computing platform, is designed to help fleets “improve efficiency, better manage fleet logicistics, enhance driver safety and productivity, and improve driver satisfaction and retention.”

The OmniVision platform is a framework of hardware, software and network infrastructure that enables “delivery of two-way data communications and value-added services to enterprises in a mobile environment.” The new Transportation system incorporates “industry-specific features and capabilities into that framework.” For example, it will allow for advanced text-to-speech capability so drivers can listen to and replay messages, eliminating the need to stop the vehicle and pull over to read a text message. The platform also features an integrated, color touch-screen and a remote control device, providing drivers quick access to critical information such as messages read by the text-to-speech feature.

OmniVision is also going to support automated arrival and departure notification, hours of service and SensorTRACS performance monitoring, along with a new navigation service that will offer turn-by-turn directions that can be read to the driver using the system’s text-to-speech capability and features truck attributes and truck-approved routing, further enhancing safety and productivity, according to Qualcomm.