The Commercial Vehicle Systems group of Dana Corp. has announced it is now offering its SmartWave TPMS tire-pressure monitoring system for retrofit at International dealerships.

Accoding to Dana, SmartWave TPMS is a real-time electronic system that measures the air pressure and temperature for each tire on a vehicle. Suitable for all wheel and tire types, the system transmits data wirelessly to a receiver mounted on the vehicle and displays the information in the cab.

“Dana’s SmartWave TPMS enables fleets and users to reduce fuel and tire costs by maintaining proper tire pressure, and the system is simple to install,” said Randy Davis, general sales manager-OES for Dana.

The system is currently available for retrofit on the following chassis configurations:

  • 4x2 with standard dual tires
  • 6x4 with wide-based tire
  • 6x4 with standard dual tires

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