An interactive website and expanded marketing campaign are part of new initiatives by the Transported Asset Protection Assn. (TAPA) to protect “high-value theft-targeted” (HVTT) assets in the supply chain.

The campaign is designed for TAPA’s members as a way to improve collaboration throughout the TAPA community.

TAPA is a coalition of manufacturers, shippers, carriers, insurers, service providers, law enforcement and government agencies established to fight cargo theft through information sharing and development of supply chain security standards.

“Cargo theft is a daily problem in many industries that accounts for billions of dollars in lost revenue,” said TAPA board member Taya Tuggle. “The initiatives we’ve announced today will help manufacturers, shippers, law enforcement and government agencies work together more effectively to reduce losses in the supply chain, and help companies preserve their brand integrity, minimize customer inconvenience, and ultimately improve their bottom lines.”

Audion Marketing in Austin, TX, designed the new website: It features industry research and resources, integrated mapping and route-planning features, detailed information for certified sites, improved search features and member descriptions, enhanced security, including a tiered members-only section, events calendar, full CMS for administrative updating and control, and an interactive news section with member feedback on articles and research.