Additional logistics management, payroll and user-defined functions as well as hours-of-service compliance are among the benefits of TMW Systems’ Innovative IES Release 9 (R). The software, after months of testing, is now available for general release.

“R9 represents a significant milestone for us,” said Ray West, gm for Innovative software, which TMW recently purchased. “The code base was fully converted from RPG III to IBM's high-level Integrated Language Environment. This painstaking conversion was important to improve developer productivity and speed the release of future enhancements. It also benefits system resource utilization.”

Functionality has been added in accounts payable, customer service and dispatch, detention tracking FlexEDI, mobile communications, rating, operations reports and more. A new AvHrs field helps fleets maintain driver compliance with hours-of-service regulations by using log rules to calculate each driver’s available hours.

New settings include the ability to pre-notify customers, driver managers or customer service representatives of potential detention situations. Interfaces with mobile communications providers CarrierWeb and DriverTech are now available as well.

There are also adjustments to new driver log info, an EDI error reporting feature and improved handling of load tender transactions, including the ability to cross-reference multiple shipper location codes for EDI transactions.

R9 is available free to existing Innovative IES software customers with an active support and maintenance agreement with TMW.

“We are extremely pleased to oversee this major new release fewer than six months after our acquisition of Innovative Computing Corporation,” West added. “Our focus will now be on bringing new features and enhancements to market in a speedier fashion, in order to keep our customers current with the latest industry developments.”