Two new scorecards have been added to Vigillo’s CSA 2010 product offering. The Inspection Root Cause and Map scorecards provide additional reporting layers to allow managers the ability to make more informed decisions when it comes to CSA 2010 (Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010) data, said Vigillo.

“With our new scorecards we are adding value to our CSA 2010 product line by helping our customers proactively find solutions to areas of risk and lower costs associated with safety violations,” said Steven G. Bryan, CEO of Vigillo. “We were the first company to offer a true ability to take a motor carrier’s existing safety data and show what it will look like when CSA 2010 goes into effect this summer. Now, we are enabling fleets to stay further ahead of the curve.”

The Inspection Root Cause scorecard is used to identify drivers whose behavior leads to unnecessary inspections. Many of the violations associated with CSA 2010 is attributable to driver controllable behavior, Bryan said, the same behaviors that the Root Cause scorecard is designed to identify. It includes a timeline to indicate problem behaviors, which ones are improving and if training targets are being met.

The Map scorecard puts all seven BASICs (unsafe driving, fatigued driving, driver fitness, controlled substance, vehicle maintenance, improper loading and crash indicator) into a single color-coded map by state.

“Whether it’s working with mangers in states that are showing higher risk in individual safety data categories or with drivers to address specific areas needing improvement,” Bryan said. “The goal of our new Inspection Root Cause and Map scorecards is the same. With this data, presented in a way that is clear and can be used to find solutions, risks are mitigated, costs are lowered and everybody is more attentive to safety.”