Barcoding Inc. is now an authorized reseller for Xata Corp.’s fleet management solutions.

Barcoding Inc. Inc will offer Xata Turnpike and XataNet solutions to its more than 2,500 customers. The company noted its customer base spans a variety of industries from direct store delivery to energy, food and beverage, healthcare, and retail distribution.

“As a leader in supply chain logistics, Barcoding, Inc., is excited to bring XATA’s class-leading technology to our distribution customers,” said Ken Currie, director, marketing & business development for the firm

“By partnering with XATA, a pioneer in the mobile resource management space, we are able to offer our customers the 360-degree, real-time information they need to improve every aspect of their fleet operations,” he added.

The Xata Turnpike solution is said to install in about 10 minutes and operates on mobile devices such as cell phones and Smartphones. More in-depth, XataNet provides speed management and turn-by-turn navigation features.

Both solutions offer easy-to-use electronic driver logs, fuel-tax reporting, manager alerts, and route tracking as well as a variety of tools to increase both private and for-hire driver and vehicle productivity, according to the company.