Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. ( recently announced the addition of a dynamic, real-time load-posting module, Prophesy LPS, to their dispatch software. According to the company, the addition of the load-posting capability allows users to post loads and equipment to multiple third-party posting sites -- including DAT, the Internet Truckstop, and Post Everywhere -- without having to re-key the information.

The load-posting function, which maintains and uses industry-accepted equipment codes, permits users to post by flat-rate or per-mile; to post weight, length, full/partial; and to centrally track posting statuses. Users can also flag and automatically post and/or un-post their loads and equipment directly from their Prophesy Dispatch software.

“When speaking with our customers they stress the value of saving time. Continually striving to improve internal workflow and eliminating redundancy is a proven tactic when your goals include growth and profitability. Our team is always at work to find ways to enhance our product line to help our large base of customers maximize their time and efficiencies. Prophesy LPS is our latest endeavor along those lines,” said Prophesy president, Edward J. Forman.