While there are a number GPS-based fleet management systems on the market, the FOLO System from Effective Control Transportation's (ECT) also includes in-cab hardware intended to monitor driver fatigue.

“It's not just tracking, it's a full fleet management system,” with seven available modules offering a “complete sweep” of a fleet's activities, tracking safety, maintenance and driver performance, says Claude Lemay, president of ECT.

One unusual feature of the FOLO system is technology able to detect a drowsy driver, using cameras to monitor eye movements and provide advanced warning of fatigue-related problems, Lemay says. If necessary, the system can be set up to stop a truck completely if the driver is clearly heavily fatigued.

The company's system offers a secure real-time look at all aspects of a truck's operation, not just driver fatigue, according to Lemay. “From a business point of view, the cost of fuel is enormous. Our main goal is to reduce the cost of maintenance, better allocating your assets…if you can manage, and track, and plan, you can save a lot of time and money,” he says.

The system requires the purchase of a license for the onboard equipment, plus a monthly monitoring fee based on the number of modules used. It is said to be compatible with existing software, including legacy systems, and ECT offers installation services‥