Minimizing empty miles is the goal of any fleet — and now there's a new online search engine designed to help carriers do just that.

Called “BestMatch” and designed with the help of the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL), the portal achieve higher equipment utilization rates and minimize empty miles by allowing shippers and carriers to identify the most efficient combination of freight loads and available trucks, says Mark Shary, CEO of BestTransport, which developed the search engine.

“When you see a truck on the highway, there is a 15% to 20% chance it is traveling empty,” he says. “BestMatch lets shippers and carriers identify opportunities to fill it, resulting in real and immediate savings.”

Registered users of BestMatch represent approximately 30,000 daily freight loads and 150,000 available trucks, with additional users being added each week, according to Shary. Each user has the ability to define their own network of partners, providing each with previously unavailable visibility to both freight and capacity, he says.

“The results of our initial efforts with BestMatch showed that our members could find new opportunities to ship freight more efficiently than before,” says John Ficker, NITL president. “Increasing the efficiency of existing trucking capacity is a benefit to shippers, carriers and the environment as well.”

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