Vertical Alliance Group Inc. (VAG) has announced its latest niche market website, — an online training resource for commercial trucking companies and their drivers — is now available and can be accessed from any Internet-enabled computer. The site provides a series of professionally narrated 5-6 minute video modules tied in with a slide presentation and a follow-up test that offers immediate feedback based on the presentation content.

VAG says that clients who subscribe to the course will receive their own branded sub-domain that can be linked to company websites, making it fast and easy for their drivers to locate the training center online.

“This is a consistent and easily accessible program that can be used by virtually any company that employs commercial drivers,” says Jay Wommack, president and CEO of VAG. “It's the most cost-effective way to implement and reinforce continuous awareness of safety practices and behavior for trucking companies.”

Current and future training topics include Pre-trip Inspection and Maintenance, Exterior Power Unit and Trailer Inspection, Cabin Interior Pre-Trip Checklist, and Coupling and Uncoupling a Trailer. New video modules are added each month, according to the company.

The training site allows subscribing companies to monitor the viewing and testing history of their drivers. VAG also sends out weekly reports that show all client activity for that timeframe, helping to assure fleets that their field employees are up to date on the latest training initiatives.