The route optimization package FleetNav can be integrated with existing dispatch and wireless communications systems to provide drivers with efficient door-to-door directions. The subscription-based ASP (application service provider) system from Maptuit can also route trucks to minimize fuel costs, as well as monitor vehicles for on-time performance.

Currently, FleetNav offer seamless integration with ICC Innovative Enterprise Software, McLeod Software LoadMaster and TMW TMWSuite management systems, as well as Qualcomm and Aether Systems wireless services. An XML data feed is also offered for integration with custom fleet applications.

The FleeNav Directions application not only calculates least-cost routes based on distances, tolls and other variables, but also provides drivers with easy-to-follow directions, according to Maptuit.

FleetNav Fuel adds fuel consumption, cost and availability considerations to the routing calculations. The third component in the suite, FleetNav Alert, matches real-time vehicle performance to historical data for the same or similar routes.