OnRoute, an application for smart cellphones that runs on the Qualcomm Mobility Services for Transportation platform using Sprint's Nextel National Network, has been released by TMW Software. The new cellphone app combines the dispatch-centered capabilities of TMW's D2Link with Qualcomm's data security and message management features, according to the developer.

Leveraging GPS-based wireless phones running Java, OnRoute helps the driver efficiently communicate trip details and integrate load assignments and vehicle location tracking with company operations, TMW says. All dispatch-to-driver communications are triggered from the dispatcher's workstation.

Starting April 2, OnRoute is available by subscription with Sprint data and voice services for Java/GPS equipped Nextel handsets.

“Companies already using mobile communications can easily add OnRoute to cover those portions of their fleets where conventional in-cab systems are not cost-justified,” says David Wrangler, TMW Systems president & CEO. For fleets without wireless communications, it offers a well-integrated solution with low up-front investment, he says.

For more information, go to tmwsystems.com