Fleets using trailer monitoring systems are quite pleased with those systems, according to a new report released by C.J. Driscoll & Assoc. Surveyed fleets with tracking systems reported an average satisfaction level of 3.7 on a 5-point scale.

The “Trailer Monitoring Systems and Services Study” interviewed 168 fleet executives from large, mid-size and small fleets in truckload, LTL and private fleet operations. Some 60% said they would be willing to pay for trailer monitoring equipment, and 70% said they would pay a monthly fee to monitor trailer locations and status.

Responding fleet executives who said they intended to buy trailer tracking systems within the next 18 months reported plans to install them on approximately 100,000 trailers. However, the report also found awareness of the individual monitoring system suppliers to be low among the fleet participants.

The study was partially funded by Aether Systems, GE Equipment Services, Qualcomm, SkyBitz, SkyTel, Terion and Transcore.

More information, including prices for the complete study, can be found at www.cjdriscoll.com.