Eventually merging six separate logistics capabilities into a single platform for carriers, shippers and third-party logistics providers, the Transcore “3sixty” product suite has launched a new version of the DAT-powered Freight Match.

“Our vision was to remove stovepipe development and create efficiencies through cross-functional integration,” says John Worthington, president of TransCore. “Using web-based technology enables us to have a common interface that TransCore or its partners can use. With 3sixty, they will not have to navigate among various systems anymore.”

3sixty's segments include the core capabilities required to manage large or small transportation companies, according to Worthington, whether that means transportation by truck, rail, air or all three. The segments include:

  • Operations Management (formerly Keypoint) designed to enable control of virtually every facet of the transportation process from dispatch through accounting n Freight Match powered by DAT (U.S.-based) and LoadLink (Canada-based) for matching loads to trucks

  • Fleet Management powered by GlobalWave satellite asset tracking and communications

  • Rail Intermodal powered by IntelliTrans for rail-oriented carriers and shippers

  • Compliance Services

  • Financial Services