The automated arrival and departure geofencing application PACOS is getting a significant update later this year, according to PeopleNet Communications, a provider of wireless communications and onboard computing. The company has also announced the first USB application for its G3 onboard computer (OBC), a bar code scanner.

PACOS is an automated-circle-of-service application that uses geofencing to automatically notify fleets and their customers when vehicle arrive at or depart from designated locations. Scheduled for release in the fourth quarter, the new PACOS 2.6 will support multi-stop operations, allowing fleets to set up the automated notification system for sequential stops.

The update also introduces a new decision tree format for forms, making it easier for drivers to respond to more complicated information requests while insuring the accuracy of that information. As part of the new form format, the company is also introducing a scripting feature that allows fleets to create and edit new forms quickly.

As the first peripheral to take advantage of the USB ports included in its next-generation G3 OBC, the bar code scanner offers a low-cost option to fleets that want that capability but don't require PeopleNet's more complex handheld computer unit.

PeopleNet also plans to offer a wireless version using a Bluetooth receiver plugged into the USB port.