DriveCam, Inc. has launched a monthly, per-vehicle service that uses video clips captured from operating vehicles to spot risky driving behaviors. Each day, the DriveCam staff reviews recordings of driving events triggered by risky behaviors or accidents and provides detailed reports for fleet supervisors that specify driver behaviors that need attention.

The subscription-based service includes in-vehicle video equipment that captures both driver actions and events outside of a truck. It continuously records and re-writes 10 seconds of video, and saves the file only when the DriveCam equipment, which is sensitive to G-forces, detects erratic driving behavior or an accident. After such an event is triggered, the equipment saves video 10 seconds prior to the event, plus 10 seconds afterward.

Once the truck returns to its home terminal, the saved video file is sent wirelessly to a local server and then sent to DriveCam's Review center in San Diego via Internet.