GeoLogic Solutions has been granted a continuation patent for its Proximity Alert product, first released in 2002. Part of GeoLogic's MobileMax fleet management system, Proximity Alert monitors the movement of vehicles utilizing a feature commonly known as geofencing to notify fleet managers when trucks enter or leave defined locations.

Via the MobileMax system, Proximity Alert identifies the time of entrance and exit for the truck, alerting the carrier if it leaves parameters they have defined without requiring any action from the driver.

“We're very pleased the U. S. Patent Office has issued a continuance on this patent,” said Tom Cuthbertson, vp of service operations for GeoLogic. “It provides a great functional capability for carriers and benefits drivers by taking away the need for transaction entries. We feel this characteristic sets Proximity Alert apart from similar products in the field.”

In other news, Crossbridge Solutions has announced it signed 55 new customers since GeoLogic Solutions purchased the company in September 2006. Crossbridge, a cellular data communications provider formerly known as Imotient Solutions, now serves 115 customers total.

Crossbridge provides communications on the AT&T and Sprint networks as well as satellite communications from Orbcomm.