Inrix has introduced Nationwide Traffic Alerts, which is designed to provide real-time information on abnormal traffic congestion on more than 100,000 mi. of major arterials, freeways and highways. The company's Smart Dust Network will provide the data for the alerts. According to Inrix, Smart Dust receives information from more than 800,000 GPS-enabled vehicles, as well as sensors placed on over 9,000 mi. of road, processing billions of data points each month to detect traffic.

Nationwide Traffic Alerts will provide real-time traffic speeds on more than 55,000 mi. in 106 metropolitan areas, as well as 2,500 alerts per day on 45,000 roadway miles in areas that previously had little or no coverage, Inrix said.

“More and more MapQuest users are planning trips online, and Nationwide Traffic Alerts will make destination planning even more convenient,” said Christian Dwyer, senior vp and general manager of MapQuest, which integrated Inrix information into its web site and wireless services.