Innovative Computing Corp. has released IES Aware, a safety alert system designed to interpret and manage signals of driver fatigue and assist in monitoring compliance. The new alert feature is being released as part of the operations module for its Innovative Enterprise Software (IES).

According to the company, IES Aware collects information from check calls and mobile communications to alert managers in real-time when a driver's activity exceeds defined parameters, indicating the possibility of fatigue. Examples include driving more than 14 hours within a 24-hour period, excessive speed, excessive continuous driving, and driving during hours when the driver may be fatigued.

The manager has 15 minutes to act on the exception before it is escalated to the carrier's operations manager and safety manager. The alert remains active until the manager responds or as long as the signals continue.

A report function gives managers instant access to a list of drivers who exceed fleet parameters, including details of the exception, driver name, order number, unit, date and time.