Instructional Technologies Inc. has added a new suite of thirteen lessons for training in OSHA and Workplace Safety practices to its Pro-TREAD and Pro-TREAD In-Cab offerings. According to ITI, the new OSHA and Workplace Safety lessons, designed in partnership with Ryder System, Inc., meet the training requirements for new drivers and warehouse employees including OSHA classroom requirements for training forklift operators.

The 13 interactive lessons include: Back Injury Protection, Forklift Fundamentals, Forklift Operations, Pallet Jacks, Drug & Alcohol Awareness, Emergency Response Plans, Fire Prevention, Hazard Communication, Lift-Gate Safety, Lockout/Tagout, Personal Protective Equipment, Security Awareness, and Spill Response. They will also be available online through Ryder Safety Services.

As with all TREAD-1 and Pro-TREAD lessons, these new lessons are computer-based and fully interactive, and require 100% mastery in order to complete the lesson, according to ITI.

In addition to the warehouse training, ITI says it has also added a new suite of tanker lessons, including Tanker Rollovers, Tanker PPE, and Tanker Pre-Trip. Revised lessons for summer and mountain driving, as well as Air Brakes and Coupling/Uncoupling have also been added to all of the company's Internet-based training systems. Later this year, ITI expects to roll out a new HazMat curriculum that will qualify for the CDL Endorsement and for the federally required three-year recurrent training

Drivers have a choice of taking ITI lessons either at company terminals on ITI's free computers (TREAD-1), or anywhere, anytime over the Internet (Pro-TREAD), including via in-cab computers. Fleets may use either delivery system, or both. The in-cab Pro-TREAD lessons are currently offered by DriverTech Fleet Management Systems and will be available via both GeoLogic Solutions and PeopleNet Communications onboard systems within the next few months, according to ITI.