Meritor Wabco Vehicle Control Systems has introduced its new Roll Stability Support trailer system, RSSplus. The system was designed specifically for the North America market and should be available late in the first quarter of 2008, the company said.

Separately, ArvinMeritor announced it has acquired Mascot Truck Ports Ltd., a major component remanufacturer based in Mississauga, ON.

“As pioneers of this significant technology, we are pleased to be bringing the next echelon of trailer stability capabilities to the marketplace at a more reasonable cost,” said Jon Morrison, president & gm of Meritor Wabco. “With the largest population of trailer stability systems in place today, this new system is the culmination of valuable customer feedback and the work of our industry-leading engineering teams.”

“With the release of our new product in 2008, it will mark the third generation of our RSS system,” said Bob Sibley, director of Meritor Wabco Trailer Products. He added that the product was first released in 2003 and there are now over 4,000 units in place with several OEMs making it standard on their trailers. The RSSplus will expand on the previous editions and integrate new features.

“One of the things we’ve integrated is PLC communication. We can integrate the trailer and tractor and relate to the drivers,” Sibley said. “On-board data reporting stores info to help fleets manage their operation.”

Meritor Wabco said that the system retains side-by-side wheel end control and offers easy installation and advanced “intelligent” communication capabilities, as well as independent wheel end monitoring and easier diagnostics.

“With the new system being designed exclusively for the North American market, many of the advanced features, such as standardized SAE diagnostics, incorporate requirements identified specifically by our customers,” said Sibley. “These features provide the additional support expected from a stability system, plus offer added value for the customer’s operation.”

While they do not have specific prices at this time, Meritor Wabco estimates that the RSSPlus will cost between $700-$900 to the end user. The company noted it will market both the second and third generation of RSS for a significant amount of time.

The Mascot acquisition gives ArvinMeritor access to six Canadian remanufacturers facilities and a network of logistics counters across North America. Mascot remanufactures transmissions, drive axle carriers, steering gears and drivelines.

“This expansion of our remanufacturing business makes sense for our customers and aligns with our business strategy to grow the aftermarket business,” said Carsten Reinhardt, president of ArvinMeritor’s Commercial Vehicle Systems business. “Mascot has a similar passion for providing its customers with high-quality, dependable, remanufactured components – all of which complement the ArvinMeritor remanufacturing model.”

Mascot’s customer base, 170 full-time employees and six remanufacturing locations will become part of ArvinMeritor.