Teleflex introduced an auxiliary power unit (APU) for heavy-duty trucks, the Proheat ICE 4. The new generator provides 10,000 Btu/hr. of cab heating, 12,000 Btu/hr. of cooling, 3,500 watts of continuous 120-volt AC electricity, and 40 amps of 12-volt DC battery charging.

According to TeleFlex, the auxiliary power unit allows Class 8 operators to heat and cool their cabs, as well as tap into electricity to operate televisions, microwaves, and other AC appliances onboard the vehicle, without having to run the engine.

Over 80% of the ProHeat's electronics have been shifted from the unit that hangs outside on the frame rails to inside the cab, turning the system into an independent electric HVAC unit.

Sealed automotive connectors have replaced open-style screw terminals that run to a visually based touchpad controller, increasing durability, TeleFlex explains.

A new two-cylinder diesel generator package, developed by Kubota, means the ICE 4 also produces less noise than previous models. or circle 304 on reply card.