Uniroyal rolls out flat-resistant tire for commercial light trucks

Uniroyal says its new Laredo HD/H (heavy-duty/highway) with NailGard is the first flat-resistant tire available for commercial light-duty trucks.

NailGard consists of a patented rubber sealant lining the interior of the tire's tread that's designed, according to Uniroyal, to instantly and permanently seal 90% of tread punctures measuring 3/16 of an inch (the size of a 16-penny nail) or less.

The sealant system has been available on passenger-car tires for the past three years. "We are very pleased to offer our NailGard technology for commercial light trucks because downtime can be such a critical issue for fleets," states Steve White, marketing manager for the Laredo line.

"When you consider driver and vehicle downtime, the cost of a road-service call, and new tire replacement costs, not to mention goodwill lost with the customer," White continues, "just one flat-tire incident can cost a company several hundred dollars."

White points out that a Laredo HD/H with NailGard costs about $20 per tire more than the standard Laredo HD/H tire.

According to White, here's how NailGard works. As a nail or any object 3/16 in. or less in diameter punctures the tread, it's coated with NailGard sealant, which prevents air loss.

Once the nail or object is removed from the tire, air pressure pushes NailGard sealant into the hole in the tread. The tire is then instantly and permanently sealed.

The two Laredo lines are available in ten sizes designed to fit Class 1-3 vehicles, as well as some Class 4-5 trucks. Both tires are backed by a 50,000-mi. limited treadwear warranty, but the tire with NailGard is also covered by a limited tread-puncture replacement warranty.

This says that if a Laredo HD/H with NailGard tire should fail to seal a tread puncture, Uniroyal will replace the tire free of charge. The warranty applies during the first 50% of original usable tread depth to any tread puncture 3/16 in. or less in diameter.