According to Bridgestone, the R280 tire is a “high-tech” steer-axle radial that incorporates innovate technologies to fight irregular wear. Designed primarily for long-distance and regional hauling, it has a footprint shape that “automatically optimizes itself during early stages of wear” to increase the effectiveness of Bridgestone's patented Equalizer Rib design.

Other features designed to stop the start and spread of irregular wear include stress relief siping along every rib; special sipe contouring; straight-sided ribs, and use of Bridgestone's Defense Groove.

These innovations, Bridgestone said, are combined with an exceptionally wide tread that delivers slow, even wear. The R280's ultra-wide tread face can be retreaded with a wide drive tread. And to aid retreadability, the radial's groove bottoms have platforms designed to prevent the retention of stones that damage casings.

The R280 is being introduced in 22.5- and 24.5- in. low-profile sizes with a “G” load rating. Standard profile versions will be rolled out later this year. or 300