At the Mid-America Trucking Show, Truck-Lite introduced its OmniVolt Universal Lighting Product line for electrical systems ranging from 12 to 42 volts, as well as a new device for extending headlamp life.

The company also announced that additional LED products are now available with its Fit 'N Forget connections.

The OmniVolt line was developed in preparation for the expected arrival of truck electrical systems of up to 42 volts, explained Brad Van Riper, vp of R&D. He said OmniVolt products will operate in 12- to 42-volt systems with equal lighting efficiency, eliminating the need for fleets to add new items to their inventory of lamps to meet the requirements of different vehicles.

Truck-Lite's LED Super 44 4-in. stop/tail/turn round lamps, as well as 2.5-in. LED Model 10 and LED Model 30 clearance/marker lamps, have already been converted to OmniVolt products.

The company's new Headlamp Life Extender stabilizes headlamp current and eliminates lamp-destroying voltage spikes. The device controls the voltage and limits output voltage (input to the headlamp) to 12.8 volts, which the company says is the optimum balance for brightness and long life.

The extender comes hard-wired to make retrofitting quick and simple, and will operate with systems up to 18 volts.

As a solid state device, the extender is resistant to shock and vibration.

According to Van Riper, startup with the extender is “soft,” reducing current shock to headlamps. The device also reduces electrical “noise” by eliminating electrical arcing in the headlight circuit.

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