At the recent Mid-America Trucking Show, Purkey's Fleet Electric and Delco-Remy introduced a new device for testing a vehicle's charging system. Called Intelli-Check, the new handheld, programmable device is designed to detect low batteries and alternators that overcharge, have less rated output, or don't charge at all.

According to Purkey's, the Intelli-Check permits technicians to accurately analyze any vehicle's charging system in five minutes or less. Since it computes and interprets results for technicians, specialized training is not required, Purkey's noted.

For fleets, this represents a cost saving opportunity, said Purkey's, since 40% of all alternators are removed unnecessarily due to lack of proper tools or lack of knowledge about how to use and/or interpret the tools.

Purkey's also displayed the ESC-II (pronounced Escape-2) for managing a vehicle's complete electrical system. The device assures adequate starting voltage without interrupting vital truck functions.

Schneider Logistics has acquired the freight payment services of Tranzact Systems, which processes in excess of $4 billion in payments annually. Called Tranzact Payment Services, the stand-alone freight payment business unit will allow customers to purchase freight payments and audit as a separate service.