The supplier of a new constant tire inflation system says its product delivers the “next level” of performance compared to existing systems.

According to Tony Ingram, president of Edmond, OK-based Airgo Systems, the AIRGO inflation system “raises the bar for quality and service” and is the “most fleet-friendly” system available.

Ingram said the system is backed by a five-year/unlimited-mile warranty. He noted it features stationary hub components and the only venting process in the industry that does not jeopardize vital wheel end components.

The system boasts a case-hardened steel and carbon graphite rotary seal that Ingram said provides the safest, most durable and longest-lasting method of transferring air to damaged or compromised tires available. The rotary seal is installed outside the hub and vents externally to eliminate the risk of hub pressurization-which enables fleets to maintain proper inflation without jeopardizing wheel-end components.

Ingram said the entire AIRGO system installs in less than two hours. He pointed out that the system has a patented, removable expansion plug for sealing the axle that does not require specialized tools and is easily removed for periodic cleaning of the axle. In addition, all hubcap components are sealed to prevent water or debris from entering the hub area and the system's electrical switch is environmentally sealed.

Also, Ingram pointed out the system was designed with no moving components in the hub area, which greatly reduces the risk of pressuring and/or damaging the hub area while extending the life of the system.; call 877-550-6111 or 308