New functionality within Aljex Software's Vision software empowers users with the ability to create their own custom dispatch screens with a simply drag of the mouse.

Brokers, carriers and 3PLs can drag-and-drop entire columns to and from dispatch displays, creating their own custom screens, Aljex said. Common columns include parameters such as number of pieces, weight, pickup address, or delivery address.

“Every user can have exactly the columns and selections they choose. Vision enables you to build your own screens with just the information you want. You can edit screens and selections for any individual transportation mode,” said Aljex CEO Tom Heine.

Vision includes a map for tracking shipments, and spreadsheet-style columns. There are also mode-specific columns. With the new functions, columns can be removed from, or returned to, the display screen as needed. Data is saved at all times.

“You can save the screen selection to go with the columns. So when you are looking at available shipments, it can show different columns than when you are viewing, say, missed check calls,” Heine said.

Screen customization is available to all Aljex Vision customers at no additional cost.