"We are dedicated to continuous improvement to meet the changing needs of this vital industry."

Changes in the way we communicate, changes in the way we purchase products, changes in the way we live ... Today's environment of fast-paced change has had a significant impact on all of us. Along with change has come new technology that makes our lives easier and more productive. While proudly serving the trucking industry for the past 30 years, Parker Hannifin's Racor Div. has seen significant growth and its share of change.

Called Racor Industries when it was founded in 1969, the company was based on a single, unique idea: a fuel filter/water separator that removes water and solid contamination from diesel fuel. Racor engineers recognized the inherent problems of diesel fuel before the marketplace recognized them.

Speaking of change - keeping fleet maintenance to a minimum had not yet developed into an issue even by the late 1960s! Awareness of the problem-solving benefits of fuel filter/water separators was overshadowed by low diesel fuel prices and relatively low costs to repair the engine's fuel injection system.

In 1973, all of this changed. The OPEC oil embargo caused major fuel shortages and fleets were forced to drain their tanks right to the bottom. Along with the last drops of precious fuel came all of the water and contamination that, in the past, never made it into the engine system. Racor fuel filter/water separators became the solution to a fleet maintenance manager's serious problems of expensive downtime and rising engine repair costs.

Another significant change happened in 1985 when Racor became a division of the worldwide family of the Fortune 500 Parker Hannifin Corp. Today, Racor Div. is recognized as the technology leader in internal-combustion engine protection and serves a global truck market with fuel, oil, and air filtration systems. Racor's quality management system is QS-9000/ISO-9001 certified and meets the most stringent OEM requirements.

As we move into the 21st century, trucks continue to be the primary mover of goods in North America, transporting over 80% of the value of freight.

Racor considers the dynamic challenges facing fleet managers to be our mutual challenges. Some of the many issues are:

* Embracing advanced engine technology, including alternative fuel engines, and understanding the impact on equipment specification;

* Optimizing equipment life and trade-in cycles while reducing the risk of ownership;

* E-commerce growth and its effect on how goods are delivered;

* Environmental operating and disposal issues;

* Managing business growth and resources to achieve a profitable bottom line.

Although trucks will remain the best way to move product as we enter the new century, the best practices and the methods will surely change.

Racor has enhanced and improved its product line and developed the expertise to be the premier engine filtration supplier to truck fleets around the world.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement to meet the changing needs of this vital industry.