The FHWA recently released its biennial publication containing statistics on the nation's roads and highway users. Our Nation's Highways - 2000 includes state data on the number of vehicles and licensed drivers, fuel tax rates and the amount of fuel consumed, highway fatalities and highway and transportation expenditures and freight transportation.

To view the report online, go to Copies can be requested from the Office of Highway Policy Information, FHWA, Room 3306, 400 7th St., Washington, DC 20590 or via e-mail to gov or by calling 202-366-0160.

Fleet and owner-operator attendance at this year's International Trucking Show (ITS) in Las Vegas was up 14.25% over last year, which is good news in a challenging economic environment. Next year's event is slated for June 26-28, also in Las Vegas. For more information, contact ITS Management at 650-349-4017 or

About 90% of the nation's available truck and bus parking spaces are at private facilities, according to an FHWA study. Private and public facilities combined result in an overall adequate supply, says FHWA. The state-by-state breakdown shows that 29 states have a surplus of parking spaces, 8 have a sufficient supply, and 12 have a shortage. The full report can be found at