During pre-trip inspections, drivers are used to being the inspector, not the inspected. When it comes to the new Kenworth T800 High-Tech Truck, however, anyone who's walking around the tractor and trailer is on view, too.

Three cameras on the trailer, a curbside-view camera and a forward-looking night vision system are designed to provide nearly 360-deg.coverage around the tractor and trailer to enhance security when the vehicle is parked, and safety while it is on the road.

Dubbed, the Surround Electronic Vision System, it displays images from all five cameras on a flat screen in the cab.

The enhanced vision system is only one capability of this security-minded truck, specifically designed for bulk haulers that often transport hazardous cargos, like fuel. A biometric authentication system takes an even closer look at any potential driver, matching fingerprints to verify that the person in the driver's seat is authorized to operate the truck.

“When the driver's fingerprint is verified via a sensor, the ignition system is enabled and the vehicle can be operated at normal speeds,” explained Jim Bechtold, Kenworth's chief engineer. “If the fingerprint doesn't match, the vehicle can still be started, but it is at severely restricted horsepower, limiting operation to well below normal speeds. The dispatcher also receives an alert message via wireless communication that an unauthorized user is involved.”