Updated distances and other information from the 18th version of the Household Goods (HHG) mileage guide has been incorporated in the new MileaMaker data base from Rand McNally's Transportation Data Management subsidiary.

The industry standard mileage guide, HHG 18 provides accurate and verifiable distances between points in the Unaited States, Canada and Mexico.

In addition to the HHG 18 update, the 2003 version of MileMaker includes more than 7,600 new road segments, 28,000 road updates, 143,000 route points and 10,000 road classification changes. All told, the electronic rating and routing software package covers more than 726,000 miles of truck-usable highway miles.

MileMaker is available for mainframe, UNIX, AS/400 and Microsoft Windows platforms. Dynamic link libraries also allow integration with a variety of fleet management systems.

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