Flying high

Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA) has rolled out this limited edition of its flagship VN770 highway tractor. It boasts a custom finish featuring a Bald Eagle over a ribbon of red and white stripes to salute the ideals of American freedom. Up to 150 of these special tractors will be available during a limited time.

“VTNA is extremely proud of our association with the American trucking industry,” said Susan Alt, vp of marketing. “These days many people are understandably eager to show their patriotism, and this truck — which can also be ordered with a matching stars and stripes Great Dane trailer — helps send that message loud and clear.” For more information, go to

Save those boxtops!

We are not making this up. Dana is rewarding anyone who installs an “eligible” Spicer replacement brake kit through this September 30th with a two-buck rebate. To get the cash, installers must send in an official claim form along with the original box flaps carrying the eligible part numbers and bar codes from a Replace-A-Brake kit box. To get all the details (there are two claim-redemption periods) and a claim form, visit an authorized Spicer Heavy Duty Brake outlet or call program HQ at 313-733-1925. Happy braking!

Sixty candles

This year marks 60 years in business for Freightliner LLC. Now owned by DaimlerChrysler, the truck maker was founded by Leland James, the same trucking pioneer who started LTL titan Consolidated Freightways. The Freightliner nameplate first appeared on an innovative COE built of lightweight aluminum.


The debate over vehicle vs. engine emissions certification (see Open Road, pg. 62, 4/02) is particularly significant when you consider the impacts of hybrid drivetrains and the potential of the transmission to keep the engine operating at more constant speed. These technology changes to the drivetrain will work to increase fuel economy, reduce emissions, and maintain/improve performance and driveability. They are happening now in pass car and light truck, and someday will migrate to medium and heavy vehicles. However, certification of just the engine,(i.e.,) testing without the benefits afforded by hybrid power or the next generation of transmissions will fail to recognize their contributions. Overall system solutions will be required: exhaust treatments, better fuels, better combustion, and new and more advanced engine/transmission/propulsion designs and control. What must be added to this list are revised certification procedures which will test the overall drivetrain.
— Jeff Skorupski
Truck Technology
Eaton Corp.

Editor's Note: Eaton recently announced its intention to become a major supplier of hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) technology for commercial truck applications.

Seen on the road

Personal motto emblazoned on truck of Mike McIntosh, owner-operator leased to Allied Systems, Atlanta, GA.

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