Doughnuts on wheels

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has rolled out a complete store on wheels that can pump out fresh, hot doughnuts and coffee just about anywhere two trucks can be parked. The doughnut shop is contained within a pair of trucks, a Kenworth T2000 hauling a van trailer and a Kenworth T300 straight truck. Like at any Krispy Kreme shop, customers can see the doughnuts rising, cooking, and being glazed before being served hot off the line. The store on wheels can produce up to 100 dozen doughnuts an hour. The T2 is on full-service lease from Cooper Leasing, the Charlotte, NC, PacLease franchise.


Photo Card Specialists has completed the third series of its “18 Wheelers Truck Trading Cards,” comprised of 100 cards depicting 68 over-the-road trucks from around the U.S. as well as 15 trucks of yesteryear. The cards are sold at truckstops, trading card stores and at Just the thing to dress up them spokes with!

Trucking and 9/11

An excellent article. [Editor's Page, 8/02, pg. 6]. Sounds like you have your thumb squarely on many issues. Someone has written that 80% of the things we fear most never happen. It's encouraging to see you have chosen to focus on the realities instead of the fears.
Roy W Scott
System 1 Filters


Do you have info on, or know where I can get information on, any truck noise regulations for Maryland? Someone in NJ is saying some proposed measurement scheme is “like in Maryland” and I'm trying to see what that's about before it gets out of hand. Any pointers you can provide would be appreciated.
— Norman Dotti,

Washington Editor Larry Kahaner replies:
While I am not familiar with Maryland's particular noise statutes, I can recommend a web site — — that has links to all states' noise pollution laws. Although the web site has an anti-noise bias, the links go directly to the state regulations themselves which is always your best source of information.

Worth-the-drive department

If you're traveling through Decatur, TX, northeast of Fort Worth where U.S. Routes 81 and 380 intersect, be sure to pull into the “Yesterday's Texas” roadside cafe and order up their fried apple pie in a skillet. The menu declares it is “known far and wide” and for good reason — it is just plain good.

Ed.'s note: Thanks to Doug Gunter, P.E., Peterbilt project engineer for this tasty tip — and for piloting the Pete 379 that went there and back again.

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