That trucker look

Since Reebok Ltd. became the sole supplier of apparel to the National Football League, it has tried to benefit from the retro fashion craze. Now it's paying homage to the trucking industry.

Reebok unveiled the “Draft Day” cap at the NFL Draft on April 25. The mesh-back hat with an adjustable plastic strap copies a style commonly worn by truck drivers.

“The original intent of Reebok was to capitalize on a fashion trend,” New York Jets senior director of merchandise Chris Pierce tells Fleet Owner. “They went with the polyester and cotton caps for an old-school vintage look, and it's bringing back memories of ‘B.J. and the Bear.’”

According to Pierce, the caps have been hot sellers. “It's the most popular cap in the team store.” He notes the “trucker look” is becoming a fashion statement, with apparel manufacturers coming out with clothing emblazed with logos of such firms as Caterpillar, Peterbilt, Ford and Chevrolet.

Saluting Ol' Blue

Michelin North America, Inc. has contributed $25,000 to Ol' Blue, USA, a non-profit organization dedicated to large vehicle safety. “We support Ol' Blue because it helps educate people of all ages about traffic safety and how to avoid accidents,” says Randy Clark, vice president of marketing for Michelin Americas Truck Tires. “The Ol' Blue truck and trailer has traveled coast-to-coast since 1986 conducting hands-on workshops, large vehicle safety seminars and simulated truck inspections at trade shows, truck stops, rest stops, community events and public schools nationwide.”

Ol' Blue is a 1951 tractor that hauls a 53-ft. trailer replete with sponsor logos and safety messages.

Tributes in motion

In tribute to the losses inflicted by the September 11th terrorist attacks and the loss of the space shuttle Columbia, Danfreight Systems Inc. (DFS) has recast four of its trailers as rolling memorials.

“It is always good to remember what happened in the past, because it will guide what you're doing for the future,” says Daniel Berard, president of the Joliette, Quebec-based carrier “September 11th and the Columbia disaster captured the world's attention and created a collective mourning. As we heal and people move forward, it is important that those events not be forgotten or pushed aside. I plan to keep these trailers dedicated to these events for a long time.”

DFS hauls general and reefer freight between Quebec and the western U.S. Three of the special trailers are dedicated to September 11th and the other to the Columbia. “On the road, the trailers get constant attention — people honking, waving, gathering to look at them when they're at a truck stop,” Berard says. “It shows that there is still a lot of interest and a lot of emotion. The trailers are helping generate goodwill and a positive image for trucking.”

“There is never a slow day in transportation — and no day is ever the same, either.”
— Scott Gates, director and general manager, Ryder Fleet Products

How long in dog years?

Great Dane Trailers president Kit Hammond receives his 40-year service award pin from his father, Chris Hammond, Jr., a 50-year service award pin recipient himself. “Our combined years of service equals his age, 90 years,” Hammond says. “Together we have spent the entire span of his life serving Great Dane.” Kit began his career in 1963 as an engineer. His father started in 1937 as a sales rep and went on to serve as president and chairman of the board.

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