FMCSA has proposed new training requirements for operators of longer combination vehicles (LCV) who want to obtain LCV Driver-Training Certificates, as well as new requirements for the instructors who train them.

The proposed federal requirements would mean that motor carriers must not allow drivers to operate a double or triple until they have the training specified, even though they have a state-issued CDL with a double/triple trailer endorsement.

The proposed curriculum for the LCV training includes operation, safe operating practices, advanced operation and non-driving activities such as route and trip planning, and checking cargo weight.

To qualify for training, student drivers must have had a valid CDL complete with a double or triple trailer endorsement for at least six months

Carriers would be allowed to waive driver-training requirements if, during past previous two years, drivers have held a valid Class A CDL with a double or triple endorsement; no convictions or suspensions in a CMV for CDL-disqualifying offenses; no CMV at-fault accidents; and evidence of regular and continuing employment and operation of an LCV group. Carriers must ensure that drivers meet these conditions before granting the waiver.