Qualcomm announced a new proof-of-delivery application and an integration of its critical event reporting with Mobileye's camera-based safety systems at the National Private Truck Council's Annual Expo in Cincinnati.

The proof-of-delivery application is designed for private fleets, dedicated logistics operations, and specialized carriers. It automates work assignments such as barcode scanning, exception management, and signature capture.

By eliminating paperwork, fleets can see reduced costs and more efficient management with the transmission of critical information such as delivery time, change of custody status, and damage reporting claims directly from the field, the company said.

Qualcomm also announced that its critical event reporting (CER) application is now integrated with Mobileye's onboard sensor data to offer driver managers visibility into safety-related events to allow for proactive communication with drivers.

Mobileye uses advanced image sensing, and processing technology detects events to provide lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and following time violations.

Mobileye's systems include a camera located inside the vehicle's front windshield and use advanced vision technologies to detect and measure the distance to vehicles and to lane markings.

The Qualcomm CER integration will combine Qualcomm information with Mobileye's C2-170 driver assistance systems to monitor events. The CER collects data from the Mobileye system and transmits it over the air to the CER portal.

CER captures information that can help provide context around a critical event, including speed, hours-of-service data, incident details, and location data. In addition, CER provides standard, satellite and hybrid map views, incident graphs and summary reports.

Qualcomm also introduced Trip Manager for its MCP110 and MCP200 Mobile Computing Platform devices.

The Trip Manager application is for those private fleets that primarily operate within a local or regional geographic area. Trip Manager is integrated with Qualcomm's “circle-of-service” workflow application to improve the way fleet managers plan, view and manage routes and drivers in near real time.