Submitting field-test results, Chevron Lubricants has asked Eaton to approve a mineral-based drivetrain lubricant for extended warranty protection and 500,000-mi. drain intervals. Currently, Eaton has approved only two synthetic lubes for those drain intervals with its 750,000-mi. drivetrain warranty program. ArvinMeritor is also said to be evaluating the nonsynthetic lube for extended drains with its extended transmission warranty program.

Chevron's Delo Trans Fluids ESI nonsynthetic lubricant has passed a series of field tests showing that “a high-quality mineral-based oil combined with advanced additive technology that can equal or exceed the leading synthetic in terms of wear protection and extended service performance,” says Randy Baer, marketing manager.

The product uses hydroprocessed base stocks combined with a patented borate additive package.

Chevron has also announced that Delo 400 Multigrade is the first and only engine oil to meet Global DHD-1. The new worldwide diesel-engine oil performance specifications, developed jointly by U.S., European and Japanese auto-industry groups, is acceptable for use in heavy-duty engines designed to meet 1998 and later exhaust emissions standards worldwide. Visit
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