Omnibrake H.O.T. (high output technology) from TSE Brakes is now available in the U.S. First introduced at the IAA Show in Frankfurt, Germany, last fall, the new spring brake technology is a double-diaphragm brake actuator that is said to offer powerful performance in a smaller product.

According to TSE, the H.O.T. product line offers a “significant” increase in power and performance over standard diaphragm brakes. New technology has enabled TSE to increase the service performance of any traditional-size actuator. For example, a type-24 service chamber can be increased up to a type 27 without increasing its size.

The all-steel design is lighter and shorter than standard diaphragm brakes, with a dimensional profile similar to that of piston brakes. However, the double-diaphragm design is said to be less expensive than piston brakes.

The H.O.T. product line ranges from type 16 to 39 on the service side, and type 16 to type 30 on the parking side.
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