Freightliner debuts factory-refurbished, customized trucks Participating Freightliner dealers and SelecTruck Centers are featuring something new on their lots - factory-refurbished, preowned trucks covered by a 36-mo./ 250,000-mi. powertrain warranty on major components and a comprehensive 12-mo./100,000-mi. warranty on virtually all drivetrain components.

The refurbished vehicles feature a multitude of new components and enhancements, and customers have numerous options for customizing, according to James L. Hebe, Freightliner president and CEO.

The transformation from used truck to refurbished truck takes place at Freightliner's 65,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility in Tooele, Utah. There, trucks make their second trip down an assembly line, moving from a pressure wash and steam cleaning to inspection, component replacement, chassis paint, front-end alignment, interior fitting, and cab paint to road testing with a loaded trailer and final inspection.

According to Bill Gordon, president of the company's used truck division with responsibility for the SelecTrucks network, all refurbished used trucks feature many new components, including new tires, belts and coolant hoses, batteries, rear brake drums and shoes, plus new powertrain filters and fluids, and remanufactured starters and alternators.

Customers can also choose from a range of mechanical features, said Gordon, such as a remanufactured 13-speed overdrive transmission, new clutch, new air-slide fifth wheel or new engine brake. The engine itself can also be electronically re-rated up to its maximum allowable horsepower.

Premium factory-refurbished trucks also feature an interior package that includes new seat covers; back, side, and ceiling panels; sleeper curtains; carpets; and repainted cabinets. High-end units are also detailed, including polishing all exposed aluminum, adding a new grille and chromed exhaust components, plus painting the chassis.

Additional appearance-enhancing options are available, such as cab paint with Imron 5000, plus new vinyl graphics, aluminum wheels, grille surround, and stainless-clad aluminum bumper.

Besides refurbishing trucks, the Utah facility will also reconfigure used trucks by converting cab types to currently popular styles, Gordon added. For example, Freightliner FLD 120 tractors with 48-in. Flat Top SleeperCabs will soon become FLD Day Cabs, while Raised Roof SleeperCabs may become Mid-Roof SleeperCabs. The company's Legacy project is also turning older cabovers into conventional Day Cabs, including a new Classic configuration.

The experience of buying used trucks is also being refurbished under Freightliner's new initiative, according to Hebe. "Freightliner's goal is to offer used truck buyers numerous choices so they can make the best investment to fit their particular business need," he said. "With our SelecTrucks and Legacy programs - and now with our factory-refurbished and factory-reconfigured trucks - we are redefining the concept of used trucks," he said.

According to Hebe, customers will eventually be able to spec a used truck for delivery 30 to 60 days later; they'll also have the ability to do their ordering on-line. While the process may feel like buying a new truck, a typical refurbished unit will cost about 60% of the price of a comparable new truck.