Maximum lightweight, maximum strength and versatility in one Xtreme trailer. That's how East Manufacturing describes its new MMX model all-aluminum platform trailer, available in standard lengths up to 53 ft. The MMX is rated to handle concentrated loads of up to 72,000 lb. in 4 ft. on a 48-ft. trailer. Current and proposed cargo securement standards are met or exceeded with Securetight, which features an extruded track for removable tie-downs built into the side rail, with positive locking tabs in 3-in. increments down the side of the trailer. For extra safety, an extruded winch track — integral with the outside rails — is located inside the rub rails. The MMX is also equipped with tubular floor crossmembers and Securelight, an enclosed wiring system.
Circle No. 352

The new Infinity platform trailer from Fontaine Trailer includes features for image-conscious owners, plus some enhanced design characteristics not so readily noticed. The diagonal front corners, for example, are stainless steel and carry a lamp mounting. Rear corners are also stainless steel to anchor the extruded aluminum side rails to the rear sill. Front and rear skirts are aluminum. The Infinity's extruded aluminum crossmembers with 12-in. centers have a hidden web inside the rectangular tube to help support the load. The composite platform has a steel frame rated at 80,000-lb. distributed load.
Circle No. 353

Great Dane Trailer introduced a high-cube freight van this spring that boasts an inside width of 101 in., for an additional 80 cu. ft. of cargo space. Designed with sheet-and-post technology, the P-101 is easy to repair, according to the company. The trailer features a full-height plastic lining secured to the logistics posts without fasteners, using Great Dane's “hook” design. The resilient lining provides increased puncture-resistance, reducing the probability of lining replacement. A square interior reduces cargo damage.
Circle No. 354

Hyundai Translead has redesigned two of its dry freight semi-trailers. Adding two nearly full-height vertical corrugations on each 4-ft. side panel has strengthened the aluminum plate trailer's sidewalls. A new joining method cuts panel replacement time in half, and the thickness of individual panels can now be varied at any location. A second dry freight model has been redesigned with extra inside width and cube. Installation of HDPE fastener-free lining, which is recessed between the upright posts, gives the HyCube101 aluminum van an inside width of 101 in.
Circle No. 355

Ravens Trailers has introduced a new load securement feature, the Kaptive Hook Tie-Down System, for use on its redesigned Magnum flatbed and drop-deck trailers. The system is designed to secure the hook into the side rails and lock it into place even when the strap is loosened, meeting current and proposed regulations. Rear bumpers extend the width of the trailers, which are equipped with the Intraax AA300 suspension to accommodate concentrated loads. Two new lighter weight dump trailers also join Ravens' lineup. The Eliminator is a lightweight version of the Terminator, with a weight reduction of 1,100 lb. An aluminum dump for light aggregate loads features a new suspension and greater spacing between the uprights.
Circle No. 356

Utility Trailer has added three trailers to its product line. The 3000R refrigerated van has a 16,000-lb. standard floor rating. Also noteworthy are lower tare weight and greater thermal efficiencies. A new 3000D-X extra-wide dry freight van features a 101-in. I.D. width. Lighter in weight than other designs, the trailer is built with conventional sheet and post construction for greater ease of repair and durability. A high-tensile galvanized steel interior lining reduces impact damage. Utility's combination 2000A drop-deck flatbed has an aluminum deck mounted on a high-tensile steel superstructure. Highly durable, yet lower in tare weight, the new trailer is 1,000 lb. lighter than previous models.
Circle No. 357

The new Arctic Lite refrigerated trailer from Wabash National combines light weight, thermal efficiency and durability in one package. Featuring the latest technology, the reefer offers a low tare weight for maximum payload capacity, the result of an optimized design that puts strength where it's needed without wasting extra pounds. To help maintain thermal efficiency, the SolarGuard roof reflects radiant heat from the sun to ease the load on the reefer unit and save run-time hours and fuel consumption. A “no-wood” floor system utilizes advanced composites for durability and thermal efficiency.
Circle No. 358