A new "Certified Commercial Refinisher Program" launched by DuPont will establish a network of refinishers authorized to offer company-backed warranties ranging from two to six years. To locate a certified refinisher, call DuPont at 800-533-1313.

DuPont is also adding innovative "Chameleon Colors" to its ChromaPremier commercial-refinishing line. According to DuPont, a new pigment technology in the paint allows a truck to appear in several colors, depending on the viewing angle. The Chameleon palette will have 24 main colors, which can be applied only by DuPont-certified commercial refinishers.

Frost-sensitive cargo heater Advanced Thermodynamics Corp. (ATC) has introduced a diesel-powered cargo heater designed to deliver clean, dry heat to frost-sensitive cargo such as paint, glue, beverages, vegetables, and steel. Known as the Chinook, the unit delivers 30% more heat in a smaller, lighter package, according to to ATC.

Powered by a Trivortex Kubota 12-hp. diesel engine, the Chinook generates extra heat by using its patented Thermodynamic Power Converter, which has no flame and only one rotating part. The unit is clutch-driven and controlled by a thermostat so that heat is delivered only when it is needed.

In order to keep weight to a minimum, the Chinook is mounted in an aerodynamic casing constructed of aluminum and fiberglass.

Trailer deflector aids tractor fairings FitzGerald Corp.'s latest NoseCone trailer-mounted air deflector is designed to smooth the flow of air over the trailer roof when used with tractor-mounted aerodynamic fairings. According to the manufacturer, the Aero-Lift deflector prevents "air damming," said to occur when air currents "spill" into the gap between tractor and trailer.

The Aero-Lift design eliminates the need to adjust flaps on cab-mounted fairings, the manufacturer noted. Installation can be completed in 20 minutes or less, with no need to relocate existing clearance lights. FitzGerald Corp. said the new model is 50% larger than previous nose-mounted deflectors.