If Martin Marietta Composites is correct, trailer buyers in the future will be eager to know more about GFRP, the continuous Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polymer that will be used to make virtually all components of their new trailers — except for the king pin, running and landing gears, and a few fasteners.

According to the company, trailers made of GFRP have many advantages, including durability, corrosion resistance and a superior strength-to-weight ratio over metals. In addition, they are easier to repair.

The first model to be available from Martin Marietta Composites will be a 50-ft., live-floor, transfer trailer with a weight of 12,800 lb., a capacity of more than 132 cu. yd., and a GVWR of 68,000 lb.

Production is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2003 at the manufacturing facility in North Carolina.