Terion will be moving its trailer tracking system to a dual digital/analog platform with the release of FleetView 3.0 early next year, according to company president and CEO Ken Cranston. The new dual-mode system will use Verizon's CDMA digital network as its primary communications path, switching to the company's analog network when CDMA coverage is not available. The higher data rates offered by the digital network will allow the company to expand system options and features, according to Cranston.

Other changes for the next generation Terion trailer tracker include a lithium battery that will not require connections to tractor power for recharging and will last for at least two years before it needs to be replaced. The switch from rechargeable lead-acid batteries will also make it easier to install the unit since it will not need external power connections.

With over 72,000 current generation Terion units already installed, the company says it will continue to both support and sell that version as well.