The National Truck Equipment Assn. (NTEA) is touting a range of business and maintenance tips available to fleets at its 39th annual convention this year in Atlanta, GA, via a series of educational sessions beginning March 2, 2003.

“Our educational sessions give attendees an opportunity to learn more about everything they need to make their fleet operations more profitable,” says Jim Carney, NTEA's executive director. “Managers come away with ideas, materials and resources to improve fleet performance.”

The NTEA's annual conference-the 2003 Work Truck Show-runs from March 2-5 next year. It will also feature a series of roundtable discussions concerning a range of industry concerns, including vehicle acquisition and spec'ing, maintenance, vehicle disposal, and financing. The goal of those roundtable meetings is to help fleets find ways to improve operations and increase business profitability. For more information, go to