With vehicle hardware including a satellite transceiver, onboard computer and display screen, XATANET 2.0 also offers “an a la carte menu” of applications delivered by Internet and wireless communications over the Orbcomm satellite network for as little as $79 a month, according to XATA Corp. The new fleet management system is currently undergoing fleet pilot tests and is expected to be ready for commercial release next month.

The basic package of the system's web-based applications includes automated DOT logs and fuel tax reporting, asset tracking, diagnostic warnings, mapping, and vehicle performance monitoring. The new XATANET release also adds email messaging, “breadcrumb” vehicle tracking, and support for enterprise management systems.

It also allows fleets to easily customize reports and data screens for various fleet managers and executives who can access the system through any web-enabled PC.

New onboard hardware for XATANET is a small, sealed dome integrating the OBC processor, Orbcomm transceiver and GPS receiver. Drivers can interact with the system using an inexpensive micro-display with touch-screen, or through handheld devices or integrated truck OEM displays. XATA has also retained its “data key” memory for manually transferring information between onboard and office systems.

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